Sound and film performance with

Joshua Churchill



Paul Clipson


Thursday, December 3, 2009


7:00pm - 9:00pm




Come to Noma Gallery this upcoming First Thursday for a special sound and film live collaboration between Joshua Churchill and Paul Clipson.

Joshua Churchill and filmmaker Paul Clipson create hallucinatory collisions of sound, light, and image using guitar, tape loops, wind and percussive instruments, and electronics and Super 8 film, respectively. Their continually evolving collaboration utilizes and exploits the element of chance as each artist simultaneously presents densely layered and textured abstract collages within their respective mediums without premeditations on their coalescence.

In addition to his installation and visual art practice, Joshua Churchill performs and records experimental music and noise in a number of ongoing solo and collaborative projects. Much of his sound work involves the abstraction and recontextualization of familiar (and unfamiliar) sounds; through subtle processing, looping, and layering, the sounds he creates and affects begin to transform and fade into one another, losing their original voices and adopting new ones along the way.

Paul Clipson makes films in Super8. Many of his films are the result of collaborations with sound artists or groups, such as Tarentel, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Joshua Churchill, all of whose methods of experimenting with sound and instrumentation, incorporating improvisation, mistakes and accidents into live performances and recordings, have greatly influenced his work. He initially creates 40-60 minute films, shooting rapidly to collect specific thematic and formal elements as they occur to him. Over time, shorter film pieces, such as ECHO PARK (2007) or SPHINX ON THE SEINE (2008), are carefully created from this work, utilizing the accidental, unexpected juxtapositions of sound and image that have been discovered live.